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* Are you looking for elegant, fashionable and delicate handmade jewelry?

Here's the right shop that you were looking for. You can wear everyday and without any outfit!!!!


I make handmade jewelries with unique, creative designs. I am based on Seoul, Korea, the country which has great skills on making jewelries. Myself also majored in metalwork at collage, and started making things unique. With successful launching in ETSY, ARTFIRE and ZIBBET site, I decided to open my own online shop to easily communicate with my valued customers.


Most of the products are made in plated silver on brass, but there are products with pure sterling silver also, which is specifically indicated on product. But please don't worry! Plating skills in Korea are the world best, and you never will tell difference btw pure silver. Also, all the post of earrings are made with sterling silver to prevent allergic responses from your ear. Myself is also very allergic to metals, so I try to be very careful on choosing materials that I make.


Please, if you do have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to ask!
Any questions are more than welcome.

Contact Us : lovely.girlsluvit@gmail.com



Enjoy shopping with us with many thanks and love;


Anggie H